RemoteAmp for BlackBerry 10

RemoteAmp is a great app to remotely control winamp from your BlackBerry® 10 Device or BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

You can search and scroll through your songs, select playlists and control most other functions from the remote control.

get RemoteAmp now!

A plugin is required to make RemoteAmp work! It can be downloaded here

6 thoughts on “RemoteAmp for BlackBerry 10

  1. First thank you for believe in Blackberry.

    Than thanks for this great App
    Can u check the batterie usage. I think this need a lot of energy.

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  3. Does this app sync the songs from your laptop onto the memory card or do you have to manually transfer them?

    • the app doesn’t copy anything. it just loads the titles of your playlist, everything else stays on your computer.

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