A simple timer app for Windows Phone. It uses the background capabilities of Windows Phone and is able to show alerts even if the app is closed. It is also able to show the next alarm on its live tile.

The app can be downloaded at http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=38ac6043-0d3e-471a-9527-a20d1ef8521b alternatively you can use Bing Vision or a Tag Reader in your phone to go directly to the marketplace.

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  3. Hey man, I’ve got a few questions regarding your app. First off, I want to say that I think Timer is the best WP app in its category. It’s the only one I found that preserves its state and works in the background. However, to get started with coding I set out to create a similar stopwatch/timer application.

    So, I was wondering how you made it so that the timer notification has no delay while the app is running? Since you seem to be using Microsoft.Phone.Scheduler.Alarm, which always has a slight delay for me regardless of whether the app is running or not.

  4. Ah, actually, just figured out the solution. The alarm seems to go off immediately when you set the difference to DateTime.Now to less than 1 second.

    • yes exactly that’s the way I do it too. If a timer reaches 2 seconds while the app is running I kill it and immediately start it again for the remaining second 😉

  5. Actually I found a better solution now. Just create a dummy alarm (for example set to 10 days) as soon as the real timer expires, and remove it immediately. This will set off any alarm that’s past their ExpiredTime but hasn’t fired yet. Also useful for timers that expired while the application was in the background 🙂

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  7. Hello,
    first thanks for this cool App, it’s very nice, simple and has all the functionalities i was searching.
    Just a question … would it be possible to send (per mail for example) the results of the stopwatch ?
    Thanks very much.

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